Just engaged and
ready to start planning your wedding?

Here is a schedule that will help you keep on track.



Decide where you want to get married.

Is it going to be a civil ceremony in a registry office, a civil ceremony at a licensed hotel, or following tradition in your place of worship? Depending upon your circumstances some venues may not be suitable so have a good look first and discuss your ideas with your celebrant.


Decide when you want the wedding to take place.

Remember, if you are having a religious ceremony, that there are seasons that will affect this decision, and these should be discussed with your celebrant as well. Have you a special date you want to use? A beloved relatives birthday for instance, or are there dates to avoid for the opposite reason? Finally don't forget the sporting calendar, as a special event could decimate your rsvp's.



It is very sound advice to discuss this first. By working out, and sticking to your budget, you will prevent running short at the last minute. If you have extra money arrive before the event it is easy to upgrade. Break down every section of this schedule and put a price on it.


Book your reception.

Have you already got a place in mind? In any case try and see your reception venue with fresh eyes. Look at it from the point of view of a bride with a lovely long dress, but the weather is terrible. Where will those lovely portraits and groups be taken then? Ask to see wedding photographs taken at the venue. All photographers love to supply these free to the hotels as it is effective advertising for them, but if the hotel can't show any there may be a good reason.


Prepare your guest list.

Make a main and then subsequent lists, so you have a couple of options. Close family first, close friends second, then the more distant family and friends. It will be much easier to arrange when balancing your number against your budget.


Select who is going to be bridesmaids, bestman and ushers.

This is a very personal choice. Do not forget that ushers should know the people they are greeting at the ceremony.


Look for your wedding attire.

Don't forget that you may be choosing a summer dress in the middle of winter. You will have plenty of magazines to look at for ideas, and chances of wedding fayres in your area, but take your time and don't get pushed into anything.


Look for your attendant's clothing.

Once you have selected your own style, your attendants clothing can be selected.


Book your preferred photographer and video.

You should book early if you want a particular photographer and video. Always deal with the person who is preparing your images and look for qualifications. When viewing sample albums and videos, ask to see the complete set, not just the "best of" selection which might give you the wrong impression.

Usually photographers and videographers are now old family friends, they have already taken photographs to your, or a relatives satisfaction and come highly recommended. But if you are going to trust a relative stranger with such an important job, a reference or testimonial from a past client should be obtained.


Arrange your wedding transport.

Think about how you want to arrive, and then go and see the wedding transport that fits your bill. Time of year will affect your choice, you won't want to go topless in winter! Whilst you are selecting your car, sit in and think about that wedding dress that you have just booked. Will the combination work? Your chosen firm will have photographs and video to show you from past weddings, and that will give you a fair impression of how the cars look on the day.


Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies. 

He is an invaluable aid to the smooth running of your wedding day. With a toastmaster, you can relax and forget about organising the reception events yourself.


You will have started to pay out deposits,
and wedding insurance will protect you.

Six Months to go



Wedding cake.

Order Wedding Invitations.

Discuss hymns and music with your minister, and prepare your order of service.


Four Months to go

Send out invitations.

Gift list.

Order the Order of Service sheets with your stationer.


Three Months to go 

Check that your banns or license applications are in.

Wedding rings.

Confirm your honeymoon.

Order last minute stationery such as place cards, napkins.

Gifts for your attendants.

Start your beauty routine with your beauty consultant.



One Month to go

Confirm your guest list from the invitation replies (duplicate copy for the reception to prepare the table plan) and start filling out the place cards.

Arrange the final fitting(s) for dresses.

Confirm the details with all your wedding service suppliers.

Notify your bank or building society, and others of the pending change in your name.



Two Weeks to go

Relax - have your stag and hen parties.

No you won't be called a coward for having them early. These are important parties, and there may be some friends and family members who are unable to attend your wedding day that can make it to these events. It is well worth inviting them.




One Week to go

Pack your honeymoon bags and hide them well.

Ceremony rehearsal.

Collect hired outfits.

Take delivery of your wedding cake, or arrange safe delivery to the reception.

See your beauty consultant, have a manicure and massage.


 On the day

Start with an early bath. Give yourself plenty of time. Have a healthy breakfast.

Hair and make-up.

Take delivery of Flowers.

Arrange for your luggage (and your car) to be taken to the hotel by a trusted friend or relative.

Get to the ceremony on time.


Congratulations !

You have successfully navigated your way through the maze
of wedding day planning.


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